Finn Residents Background

The Finn Lofts - Residents

So much of why The Finn Lofts is described as "Creative Community" is motivated by the residents.

Connie Bonfy

Connie Bonfy

"I do love the Finn and I would LOVE it if we could attract others who would like to make it their long-term home!"
Connie is an established artist and writer. She is currently painting "Waiting for the Bus," an exhibition to be shown at City Arts in 2016 that explores the bus system in Wichita and the people who ride.
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Michael & Diana Mentink

"I currently work as a design engineer at Spirit Aerosystems. Downtown is great because everything in town is only 15 mins or less drive. What keeps us long term at Finn's Lofts is the hardwood floors, parking isn't an issue, high ceilings."
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Suzy Finn

"I chose to live in the Finn Lofts due to the family history of running a business out of the building for many years, and because the renovation to the building made it one of the most modern living options in Wichita. I stay because the management is extremely reliable, the location is great, and it would be hard to find anyplace else I could showcase all the art I've gotten in Wichita so well!"

"My job is to help attract and retain talent to Wichita, and living downtown helps me stay plugged in to everything that's happening in the city and downtown in particular."