Finn Lofts - Platform
Finn Lofts - Platform

The Finn Lofts - Platform

Located on top of Wichita’s early municipal infrastructure (manhole #3), “Platform” is the centerpiece of Commerce Art District’s most recent public/private neighborhood collaboration. A new parking area invests 10% of is parking stalls to become human places and sculptural installations.

“Railgrass” Art-lighting is made with more than 1000 LED lights, combined with transformed and repurposed train tracks from the site. Seating areas, plantings and shade trees welcome people. A raised stage reminiscent of passenger-train loading platforms hosts performances and light sculpture, while collecting rain water for a young burr oak tree. This tree, in time, will canopy above and shade Platform’s performance area. Passing trains activate the Railgrass lighting. Carter Revard and Nick Jaina’s poetic words can be found installed in steel, celebrating this place and this tree.

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Visualizing the Platform